Friday, 27 June 2014

Book two teaser/spoiler...

Hello lovelies. :)

Since I posted an unedited Wolfsbane teaser over on my Facebook page, it seems only fair that I post it here too.

 Let me set the scene a little...

 Anselm comes to visit Martha while she's languishing in her cell beneath Edgeway castle in the hopes she'll agree to move into his chambers with him.(!)

"...But if Vadim is alive, he will come to claim you. Just think of it,” Anselm said with a bright smile. “After all this time, he will finally come to us.”

 Martha’s simmering temper flashed, overriding her fear. “You’re using me as bait to catch a ghost? Brilliant! And when Vadim doesn’t come, what then, fuckwit? How long before you realize I’m telling you the truth and turn me loose, hmm?” 

 “By that time,” Anselm said, gently taking her arm, “you may want to stay.” 

There was no mistaking the meaning in his eyes. Her flesh crawled. “Oh, please tell me you’re not thinking what I think you’re thinking? I’d never--” 

 “Never is a long and lonely time away, m’lady,” he said, leading her from the cell. “And as you will discover, my dear, I am a very patient man.” 

 Martha bit her lip. What was the point in hurling insults at him? Let Anselm believe what he wanted. She’d play along for a while. At least if she was out of here she might find a way to escape, or to send a message. 

 As much as she longed for Vadim, she hoped he wasn’t planning a heroic, and ultimately suicidal, rescue attempt. If the earl ever got his evil hands on him-- No. Vadim loved her, but he was much too wily for that. How else had he stayed alive for so long? Anselm wasn’t the only one with a predator blood flowing in his veins... 

 What do you think? Will that do?

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