Sunday, 18 May 2014

Hello, my lovelies. I just wanted to share a review I received this morning.

Isn't it lovely? Not just because of the five shiny stars--although they're very nice!--but because someone I've never met took the time to leave their thoughts on my humble scribblings.

 If I made this reviewer cry, their sweet review had a similar effect on me. If 'Traveler' actually moved someone, all those months of being chained to the keyboard weren't in vain. Mission accomplished!

I might be a writer, but I'm rubbish at writing reviews. Really! That little review box intimidates the heck out of me. Such a small, itty-bitty space.(Maybe it's a form of writerly agoraphobia?) Even so, I try and leave something behind, even if it's only a few words.

 Why? Because it matters. Believe it or not, even bad reviews have their merits! Yes, even the 1 star stinging variety!

 Are you like me? Does writing a review make you nervous? Push through your fears, young Jedi! Make an author weep today!

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