Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Books and covers...

Over the last few days, I've been thinking quite a lot about book-covers. Only natural, I suppose, since my fabulous cover guy Glendon is currently working his spooky magic on book two.

Judging the contents of a book (or a person) by its cover is something we're all guilty of, right? So tell me what you think of these book covers from the 1970s.

Aren't they precious? It's true. The publishers of Gothic romance were the pioneers of modern-day recycling. Don't believe me? Take a look. Every single one of these covers features:
-a spooky house with a light in ONE window.
-a fleeing damsel (footwear, and wispy, impractical dress optional)

Other optional extras include a sinister, shadowy figure in the background.

My personal favourite cover is the one with a giant, psycho Gandalf peering over the roof of the haunted house. "Run, lady! Run!!!"

Gandalf: " I believe the movie line you seek is: Fly, you fools!"

Me: "Yeah, whatever, big guy. Er, what happened to your pointy hat?"

Gandalf: "Have you any idea how impossible it is to get head-wear in my size?"

Good point! Okay, playtime's over for today. I'm gonna head back to my dungeon.

Toodles! :)

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