Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Ultimate Bad Guys...

I was talking about villains and heroes yesterday, and I wanted to share two of my favourite TV baddies. Coincidentally, both actors played the Sheriff of Nottingham.

Nickolas Grace:

 In the 1980's the Brit TV show 'Robin of Sherwood' spawned a deliciously funny and very evil Sheriff. He and his trusty sidekick 'Guy', the late Robert Addie, had a wonderful on-screen partnership. So very funny. I much preferred these two baddies to either of the show's Robin's.
My second favourite Sheriff baddie was played by Alan Rickman in the film 'Robin Hood Prince of thieves'
In my opinion, he blew Robin Costner out of the treetops with his delightfully deranged performance. He lit up the screen whenever he was on it.
Who are your favourite baddies? Don't be shy. Let me know. Tomorrow I'm going to post some of my favourite heroes of book and screen.  

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