Monday, 25 March 2013

Heroes and villains...

I'm taking a quick break from writing 'The Book'. My heroine is currently in a besieged medieval castle with only the 'bad guy' for company. Poor thing! Not to worry. Her hero will be along to rescue her soon. I hope.

Heroes are fun to write, but I enjoy writing villains even more. Not your stereotypical, facial-fuzz twizzling baddie. I like my bad guys to have more depth than that. A character of sunshine and shadows works better for me. After all, no one in life is either completely bad or completely good.

We all have our favourite book heroes, but how about your least favourite?

Here's mine.
Emily Bronte's Heathcliffe. I have never understood why people wax lyrical about this guy. When I read 'Wuthering Heights' for the first time, I remember praying that Kathy would stay with Edgar, that things would work out for them. Then Heathcliffe reappears. :(

Why is this character so popular? I still don't get it. I've forced myself to read the book several times. Each time I do, Heathcliffe gives me shivers of the most unpleasant kind. The red flag warnings are everywhere.

What am I missing here? He's dangerously unbalanced, abusive, and obsessive. Looking sexy as he runs about a windswept moor ain't enough to cancel out the other stuff, in my opinion. I JUST DON'T GET IT!!!

Put it this way, if it was a 'kill or marry' showdown between Heathcliffe and Pride & Prejudice's Mr. Collins, it wouldn't be Heathcliffe on the receiving end of my 'I do'.

Can anyone make me love Heathcliffe? Do you love him? WHY???
Which book or film hero leaves you cold?

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