Sunday, 10 December 2017

The Magic of Christmas...

I've waited more than a year for this precious moment.


After so many fur-flying catfights - as well as the occasional uber loud, sideways-walking snarlfest! - tonight, at long last, G&T FINALLY decided to share a bit of snuggletime. Look!

Blurring due to stealthy nature of shot!

Oh, I know what the Ebeneezers amongst you are thinking; it's because of the cold. Right?

Wrong. Current temperature levels in this house rival those of the average industrial blast furnace!

No, I prefer to believe that this tranquil scene is down to a generous sprinkling of Christmas magic and all the goodwill and love of the festive season.

Go on Tiny Tim. Go for it, sunshine!

"God bless us everyone."

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