Friday, 11 July 2014

Guy talk...

Good morning!

We were discussing favourite fictional men (book boyfriends, if you will) over at my Facebook page. It's a subject that's really got me thinking. Not only do we love these men for their washboard abs and hot-damn good looks, but we also love them for the way they behave, and all the panty-melting things they say.

However, as my pal Larissa pointed out, if our RL men acted like those hot Alpha types, we'd probably call the police.

I'm inclined to agree! Captain Wentworth (Persuasion) is one of my most beloved book heroes. Here's the amazing letter he wrote for Anne Elliott:

Oh, Frederick! *swoony-sigh*

Now, let's read it again. But this time I want you to imagine your other half speaking those lovely words. Hmm...not quite the same effect, is it? And are you seeing any red flags there?

Me? I'm torn between laughter and wanting to barf. I think, all things considered, characters should remain safely within the pages of their book.

Tell me, who's your all-time favourite leading wo/man? Leave me a quote so we can properly appreciate his/her gorgeousness!

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