Sunday, 7 January 2018

Trumpet Tooting Time...

It gives me great pleasure to announce that, following a brief and rather dismal dalliance with Kindle Unlimited, my 'Tales of a Traveler' serial is now available from all good online retailers again. (Hu-bloomin'-rrah! )

As a sweetener, you can download the first book ('Hemlock') for absolutely FREE.

Everywhere else!

Warning! Please steer clear if cliffie endings make you gnash your teeth.


  1. When is the next book coming out? You can’t leave us with just 3!!!

    1. Hey, Kim. Thanks for dropping by.

      Don't worry, I have two (possibly three) new books in the Traveler series scheduled for rapid release a little later this year.

      Have you signed up for my newsletter yet? There are free stories for you to download, and my subscriber friends are always the first to hear all the latest news from Erde as well as frequent giveaways. Here's a link for you to cut 'n' paste if you fancy it:

      Hope to talk to you again soon! :)

    2. I’m so excited can hardly wait!!!!
      Yes I signed up for your newsletter but haven’t received one yet.
      Thanks so much.

  2. I really liked A Short Cut Through Time

    1. We had such fun writing it, Kim. Have you read any of the other contributing authors yet?

      Thanks for responding. Have a great week!


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