Monday, 2 June 2014

Once upon a time, night time was the write time.

In the days b.c (before kids!), I would regularly scribble away until the birds got up for breakfast, before hauling myself into my comfy pit to sleep away the hours until lunchtime. I was...The Night Writer.

Nowadays, my creativity keeps the hours of a blackbird. This means, as soon as it's dark, the writerly parts of my brain go bye-bye.

However, because my kids are off school this week and have taken over all of my daylight hours, I thought I'd better try and become Night Writer again.

How did it go? It didn't. Seriously, I've spent the last two hours rejigging two tiny paragraphs, and now they look worse than when I started. So frustrating. That's it! I'm gonna go Google for cute kitty pictures or something. Goodnight all! :)

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