Sunday, 6 April 2014

Minister-y of Magic...

York Minster

Sorry for the terrible post-title pun!

I'm a little over excited tonight. Why? Because next week, on the kids Easter break, we're spending a couple of days in York.

Hey--I'm a medieval babe at heart. How could I resist a trip to the famous Minster? And this place is old, people, even going by Blighty standards. Did you know there has been a church of some description on this spot since the year 627!!!

Of course, I'll have to prise my son away from the National Railway Museum first. He's keen to see the famous 'Mallard' and a replica of Stephenson's 'Rocket'.

And then there's the Jorvik Centre and a dozen other 'must see's. *sigh*

Maybe we should have booked a longer stay?

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