Thursday, 29 September 2016

Two Go Loopy in Lytham...

Hello, m'dears. 

Yesterday was a great day because I got to meet up with one of my favourite FB author friends (who has now progressed to the heady delights of being classed as one of my RL friends!), M's Annie Whitehead.

We spent a happy few hours at Lytham Hall, having lunch, and talking books, life, and all the other important stuff.

There's nothing better than spending time with someone who really  'gets' you, is there?

Annie in reflective mood.

Second-hand books and an honesty box? We are so there!

For those who aren't aware, Annie is the author of not one, but two, IndieBRAG award-winning books, 'To be a Queen' and 'Alvar the Kingmaker', stories based in early medieval Mercia, the ancient Anglo-Saxon kingdom of the Midlands

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