Friday, 27 May 2016

Book four update: Stalled.

It was all going so well, but the kiddiwinks started their half-term break this week, so I'm not writing as much (or as often!) as I'd like.
(Why did I ever think the baby stage was hard? They just ate, slept, and pooped, and stayed exactly where I'd put 'em. Not like now!)

I've been reduced to scribbling a few sentences while we're at the park -- in between demands for food, ice cream, band aids!

I so admire those authors who're able to publish every other month, despite having young children.

How DO they do it? Do they write at night when the babies are asleep? In the days before kids, I was a bit of night writer myself, scribbling away until the first blush of morning stained the sky.

Nowadays? Hah! I'm lucky if I can make it to 9pm!

In other news, we're off to North Wales next week - just me, my SIL, our four kids, and one small dog... in a caravan. (No husbands allowed - not that they're complaining too loudly!) But in between fun-fairs and candy floss, I'm hoping to bag a few more castles, so you can expect lots and LOTS of pictures in your newsfeeds.

Okay, I think I hear my little angels killing one another in the next room, so I'll be off.

Until next time. <3

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